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Sunglasses for Cycling & SportsTDS Pty Ltd started 25 years ago in Sydney, specializing in the import & manufacture of unique products for the Australian market. One of the first developments was not GT sunglasses, it was a range of Family oriented photo frames. These were distributed through fast process photo labs & chemists.

5 years ago, I found a gap in the market for a specialized sports eyewear.

I have since set up this local Design Company, to research & make eyewear for extreme sporting and climate conditions, world wide. The product developed gives eye protection for all sporting activities. All climates are catered, from the hot Australian or Middle East Summer to skiing in the freezing European or American Winter.

I am now launching the initial GTSL Sports Sunglasses for all sports enthusiasts. The product is modestly priced and I believe it competes with the much more expensive name brands, giving true quality features and style for everyone to afford.

GTSL Sunglasses - A Product Profile

The Grand Touring Sport Lens sunglasses came to creation through a search for something that did not yet exist in the retail market.

The inaugural design for GTSL Sport Sunglasses came out of a requirement for high performance quality sunglasses, suitable for all sports and outdoor activity. They provide style, safety and durability at the best price for value.

Being an avid social soccer player, cyclist & skier, I was searching for something that would give clear, wide angle viewing on a sunny day. I also required protection from impact, when hit face on by a soccer ball or even a fall from a bike or whilst skiing.

After all, it is not something to take lightly, the impact & damage that may result from an accident whilst wearing sunglasses.

Having searched through a full complement of sporting product producers, I concluded that the sunglasses available sported many different known sporting brands. None were purpose built to meet all the performance needs of a sports person in action.

I set about designing something to fill the void. The challenge was to create a product with strength and all round protection, that looks stylish but without sacrificing safety.

The result is a sunglass that has been tested and approved by ARPANSA which meets with SAI Global
Standards of UV protection under most varied weather conditions.

My design essentially caters for all sports in all weather conditions. This is achieved through the following:
The rugged full rim frames are made to withstand a fair amount of abuse, with fully flexible arms.
   This also creates a great comfortable wrap that clings to your head & the clip in design allows for an
   easy change of lens.
Having 3 single piece interchangeable lenses which easily clip in or out, allows for a quick and easy
   swap when the weather changes.
Additional features are the cushioned nose cone & vented forehead cushioning, incorporated to give impact
   protection & allowing airflow to prevent the lens from fogging.

The glasses are designed to fit most size adults & adolescents with plans to develop a smaller version to suit
The vision resolution through the high UV protective lens is of the highest standard.

Every pair carries a full 12 months Quality Assurance warranty against any manufacturing malfunction.

About Gary Travitz

Currently undertaking QA Project & Business Process Management. Formerly, a National Sales and Marketing Manager to the technical and corporate world. Followed by General Management of Premier Direct Marketing Company advertising nationally in main stream media.

Under TDS Pty Ltd established over 20 years, as MD, Gary specialized in the manufacture, import & export of unique products to introduce into the Australian & overseas markets.

Being an avid sports enthusiast, the thought came to me, through personal research about the need for something to fill a gap in the market for a specialized sports eyewear.

I have since set up this Australian Design Company, to research & make eyewear for all sporting and climate conditions at an affordable price.

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